Crowns are the premium currency in CastleVille and therefore the only item that we’ll hope to have as much as possible of: it can only be purchased with real money and rarely it is offered for free by Zynga. Therefore, I am sure that you are wondering how to get more Crowns in CastleVille and that’s exactly why I am here: to share this guide for you!

At the moment of writing, there are just a few ways to get more CastleVille Crowns:

1. Purchase them with real cash. You can click the image above to see the rates, but always have in mind that the more CastleVille Crowns you buy, the better is the price per Crown!

2. Buy with mobile: this option is available in CastleVille for the first time, but the rates are really low: for $2.48 on mobile you will only receive 7 CastleVille crowns, while if you pay directly with a Credit Card or Paypal, you get 15 Crowns for $2.30. So don’t go for this method to get more Crowns unless you really have no other option!

3. Earn Crowns: you can click the Earn Crowns tab in CastleVille and if you complete any of the offers listed there, you will get more crowns in the game. However, most of those offers include paying for some services so you should only purchase if you really need the service you’re paying for.

Have in mind that any offer on the internet from websites other than Zynga’s who promise to give you a ton of CastleVille crowns for free are SCAMS and will either steal money from you, learn your password, give you a virus or simply spam all your friends on Facebook. There is no such thing as free CastleVille crowns from anybody else than Zynga, so be very careful when clicking the links!

Now tell us, how good of a Crowns balance do you have in CastleVille?