Cars Mater-National is a racing game based on the animated Pixar movie, Cars. The game was developed by Rainbow Studios and published by THQ. It was released on October 29, 2007. Below you will find a full collection of cheat codes for Cars Mater-National for PlayStation 3:


Enter the Options menu and select Cheat Codes. Then, type any of the following codes.

All characters
Enter MATTEL07 as a code.

Alternate colors except for Lightning McQueen
Enter PAINTIT as a code.

Alternate colors for Lightning McQueen
Enter NCEDUDZ as a code.

All story-mode wheel sets and Luigi’s Casa Della Tires
Enter INSTYLE as a code.

All Arcade mode races and mini games and all Story mode worlds
Enter PLAYALL as a code.

All bonus art
Enter BUYTALL as a code. All bonus art may now be purchased.

All game content except most Story mode races
Enter ALLYORS as a code.

Expert difficulty
Enter VRYFAST as a code.

Unlimited turbo boosts
Enter ZZOOOOM as a code.

Extreme acceleration
Enter 0TO200X as a code.