cod ghosts number 1Last week Call of Duty: Ghost pushed down Lego Marvel Super Heroes from the coveted number one spot on the UK charts – this even though it’s sales went down by 76% from it’s debut. Meanwhile Fifa 14 knocked down Assassin Creed IV from the third spot – with Battlefield 4 going down to the fifth. The chart covers games sold on all formats since release.

 There is no doubt that the latest entry in this fps is yet another success story, but the big question is – should it be? Personally I think every entry in the series is almost like releasing the same game all over again, with only the campaigns story being different each time. Then again, when a game can take a number one spot while having sales declining a bit, that is a sign of a franchise that does something right. Sometimes I just wonder what that “right thing might be”. What do you think? Is Call of Duty: Ghost just another rehash – or is it a fresh take in this veteran fps franchise?