mlg tvToday Major League Gaming launched MLG.TV– a streaming platform for eSports. The platform supports 1080p and has a Twitter-chat feature. It is also configured to work well with both a web-browser as well as with mobile devices. The company currently had the service open for beta for a couple of weeks. During this period over 1.3PB (Peta Byte) of video had been streamed from their servers.

Sundance DiGiovanni, CEO of MLG said:

“MLG is one of the fastest growing premium content producers on the web with over 600% growth in audience over the last three years and a long history of driving industry-leading returns for major brand advertisers. We leveraged our experience as a top online broadcaster to create the ultimate environment for not only our own content, but other industry leaders as well.  Based on years of research and first-hand experience with other streaming solutions, we built a platform from the ground up to deliver the viewing experiences that we and our partners create. The MLG.TV network and video player are architected to deliver the highest quality viewing experience possible, utilizing the most reliable streaming technology available.”

Not only will MLG.TV stream their own content, they also keep their arms open for other partners in the eSports industry– as they have already partnered up with OpTic Gaming and Gfinity for world class Call of Duty action directly from Europe.

This is a huge step for eSports, as it marks a serious attempt to bring many high quality broadcasts under one roof. This should make it easier for people to follow their favorite eSport teams. Let’s hope more big actors in the industry join up with MLG to make something really big out of this. The company have successfully been streaming eSports content for over 10 years now, which would make one suppose that they know what their diving into. What do you think? Will you watch eSports at MLG.TV?