So, you’ve purchased Brink and you’re going to rock the game, but you still think that you could use some extra tips and tricks to play it like a pro? As a first thing, you could look at the Brink Walkthrough that I’ve posted already, or even better, you could check out below my list of Brink Tips and Tricks and do it yourself. Probably the latter seems to be better for the more competitive kind, so let’s read on.

Brink Tips & Tricks for a Perfect Strategy (general)

– Your body type affects your health; not your damage. It also affects the parkour you can do and weapons u have.
– Don’t ignore grenades: people don’t really like them because of their low damage, but have in mind that if you throw them in crowded places, enemies will start running scared and that will be your chance to clear them off. Even better if you’re a Soldier since your “grenade” has a bigger radius!
– Don’t forget to crouch: your aim will be better and you will be harder to hit. If you have the skill, jumping is also what you should be doing when in a duel, but that makes it even harder for you to aim correctly!
– Try taking out medics first since they are probably the most valuable assets, since they can heal the others!
– Never ignore Machine Gun Nests: these are placed in strategic places on the maps and NEVER run out of ammo!

Brink Tips & Tricks for a Perfect Strategy (multiplayer)

– The Engineer can difuse bombs, boost you and your teamate’s weapon damage, and create mines.
– The Medic can boost other teamate’s health and their own, and revive others
– The soldier can give ammo, plant HE charges, and throw Molotov Cock Tails.
– The Operative can disguise themselves as enemies, hack objectives, and can set up firewalls on the command posts.
– When playing online, try and play with friends. You will know for sure that you won’t run into players that just run around and don’t help.
– Don’t be afraid to try new guns! You will find that some can be very useful if matched with the correct secondary.
– Try using a heavy body type! It would fit perfectly with your Medic or Soldier set up.
– Don’t forget to buff your weapons more!

Do you have any other Brink Tips and Tricks to share with the fellow Brink players? Post your comment in the comment section below, then!