burnout-paradiseIf you feel the need for some special treats his week and you happen to own a copy of Burnout Paradise, you’ll get your share of goodies: via Twitter, producer Matt Webster revealed that this Thursday we’ll receive the new Boost Specials cars, turning our racing experience into a more thrilling one. Or at least faster.

I say that because we’ll get the “fastest car in Paradise City” – Carson Extreme Hotrod – which, according to the announcement, also contains a new dynamics system which can be handled easier. The second car to be brought to Burnout Paradise by this pack is a “closely-guarded secret”, but it might have slipped last month: if it’s the Hawker Mech 400, the rumor was true!.

Although there is no officially confirmed data, the Boost Specials is anticipated to cost $4.99 on the PSN or 400 MS Points for Xbox 360 owners. And this will definitely not be the last DLC pack for Burnout!


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