Retro is cool nowadays because most of us, gamers, are starting to get old and as people get old, they also tend to get extremely nostalgic about the “good ol’ days”. And I have absolutely nothing against this as long as us getting old means that games like Black Annex are about to be released!

An isometric stealth game, Black Annex transports you in the shady world of corporate sabotage and espionage where you have to train agents and specialize them into hacking, stealing, destroying and so on, while making sure that you keep their expensive behinds safe. Because there’s no mercy in the corporate world!

A complex strategy and simulation game, where you will have to make sure you manage your funds flawlessly and you keep your agents trained at the same time (which appears to be a challenging task itself), Black Annex looks and seems to be simply amazing with its retro style, while also trying to deliver all the improvements of the modern world, including a top notch AI and features that were not possible back in the days. You can check all of them out in the gameplay trailer below:

Black Annex is expected to be launched sometime in 2013 and is also on Steam Greenlight, so if you like what you see, you can head over there and give them your vote.