Mass Effect 2 is coming in early 2010, but BioWare simply can’t wait to share some new details regarding an upcoming character we’ll most likely enjoy in the upcoming RPG, especially since the developers say that her – Subject Zero by her name – will go beyond the traditional virtual character and “further drive the emotional, human connection in Mass Effect 2’s gameplay”. Fox News should really love this!

You can watch the presentation video of the new Mass Effect 2 female character, Subject Zero, and also find out some additional stuff about her. For example, you’ll notice that she’s too much to handle – even by Commander Shepard. Which seems natural for a girl that has “been around, ran with gangs, wiped out some gangs,” as she so sweetly admits. Thane

In a keynote speech delivered to the International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents centered on the power of quality digital actors, Project Director Casey Hudson said, “Videogames have developed from a novel pastime into a medium with tremendous power to entertain and engage players. Compelling digital actors can bring a game world to life, and by harnessing cutting-edge technology, developers can ultimately unlock the full potential of emotionally engaging human interaction.”

With an attitude to match, Subject Zero is a formidable biotic – as powerful as she is intriguing. Her detailed tattoos mark her favorite kills – “the good ones”. Mystery and fascination surround this uncontrollable rebel, which will undoubtedly leave fans wanting more of her. But for now, it’s only the video below: