After all the praise and nice words about Bethesda and Skyrim, it’s time to get slammed back to reality: Bethesda basically took a big dump on the PC gamers (or at least the PC gaming scene) by announcing the upcoming Skyrim DLC – titled Dawnguard – for… Xbox 360 only (at least the announcement was for the Xbox 360 only). With further details coming at E3.

Personally, I would encourage anybody who spent the money on Skyrim on PC to try and hold it together and not to purchase the Dawnguard DLC. PC gamers deserve a bit of respect and if Bethesda is not offering it, we should spit back at them. I know that personally I will NOT purchase the Dawnguard DLC because I feel offended as a PC gamer – and it’s not the first time. Hopefully you will do the same and even though we’ll probably lose some great content, we will continue our adventure without taking an arrow to the knee…

A big, big thumbs down for you, Bethesda. You’ve made a lot of PC gamers lose all faith and respect in you!


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