This title certainly sounds nice, doesn’t it? It does and that’s just a little bit of what Wardrome, a browser based MMORPG, challenges you to do. To put it short, we could’ve said that the game is a strategic-management game that takes place in the space – but that doesn’t seem half as fun as the game really is!

Basically, Wardrome allows you to create your space empire and play the game as you see fit: you can aim to become the largest empire in the Universe, the wealthiest player, you can choose to become an explorer and try to explore the entire universe (which is so big that the game’s developers promise that it will take you a couple of years to get the achievement) or try to do a bit of everything, just for fun. Either way, Wardrome promises that you’ll never have to ask yourself “What do I do next?” which is a great thing for a browser based game!

Also, the game borrows some concepts from the social games, the most important being that you won’t have to spend all your time in front of the computer, playing Wardrome, in order to become the best. Instead, you’ll have a limited energy tank that will only allow you to perform a limited number of actions before the energy tank completely refills again (and since it takes about 16 hours for an empty tank to fill up, you can be sure that your real life won’t have to suffer because of this game!)

Add to that tons of content, various role playing elements, including an Universe-ruling Government formed by the human players, various combat systems and much, much more, and you’ll have a really solid title to at least try out. So if you’re a fan of next-gen browser based MMOs, you’ll definitely have to give Wardrome a try. Have fun!