Funcom recently announced that you can now download their latest Age of Conan update!

Also known as the Shrines of Bori, the seventh update of the said MMORPG has a lot more to offer than its precedents. Players now have the event to look forward to which is known as The Silver Atrium. Every class also has more innovative armor sets that they can use for PvP as well.

If you already got the Age of Conan installed in your computer, the patch will be updated automatically. According to Funcom, the Shrines of Bori is the most massive update to hit June this year. Other than the fact that they have added new features, the enhancements are truly groundbreaking. It was so immense that the awarded the Age of Conan as the Most Improved MMO of 2009.

This just goes to show that loyal fans of Age of Conan have something to look forward to. Funcom is definitely all about what the fans and the players want. With little enhancements here and there, the Shrines of Bori would definitely be a whole new experience for MMO addicts whether you are new to the said game or have been playing the last 6 updates before.