she-is-a-shadowWouldn’t you like to be a master thief, the best of the best? Everybody would! What about a master thief, the best of the best, that’s out there for revenge, in a counter-clockwise race against the clock to free her son? Now that’s what I call excitement and that’s exactly what She Is a Shadow promises to deliver.

A casual/hidden object game, She Is a Shadow impresses with both the story (more on that below) but also the high quality of the visuals compared with the incredibly low system requirements, proving everybody that you don’t need the latest generation rig to run a promising title!

But I was talking about the great story behind She Is a Shadow. Here it is, as posted on Big Fish Games, the place that offers for download this casual, hidden object game: “In She is a Shadow, Hanna`s son has been kidnapped by an old employer that wants her to go back to her criminal life. Hanna used to be `The Shadow`, a master thief, but she gave it all up when her husband was murdered. Now it`s up to you to use her skills to survive long enough to free her son, figure out who killed her husband, and bring down the mob in this exciting Hidden Object game.”

I must admit that I always loved games that come with a solid and captivating story, even if the gameplay is not that complex! If you agree with that, you can follow the link to Big Fish Games and download She Is a Shadow – either a demo to test your skills or the full game for $6.99. Also, for those who find it impossible to finish the game, there is a She Is a Shadow strategy guide available as well!