defenders-of-lawGameinvest has just released a hidden object casual game exclusively on Big Fish Games. I’m talking about Defenders of Law – The Rosendale File, the first in a series of three games scheduled to delight the fans of the genre all the way through 2010.

“Defenders of Law is a truly immersive game that lets players take the role of an investigative lawyer,” said Melissa DiGioia, Senior Producer at Big Fish Games. “The game’s unique method of storytelling coupled with its innovative detective gameplay allows players to experience a truly interactive murder mystery.”

In the casual hidden object game Defenders of Law, you will play the role of a lawyer (out of five) that has to solve a murder mystery. You have just 15 days to gather enough evidence to strengthen your client’s defense and make sure that you win the trial. Clues can come from several helpful witnesses, as well as from fingerprints, footprints, and blood samples. Physical evidence can be extracted from the crime scene with the hidden object game mechanic, and analyzed in the lab – and it all seems like a great addition to the genre, since some extra diversity can never harm somebody, right?

If you consider that Defenders of Law – The Rosendale File is the game for you, follow the link and head over to the Big Fish Games were you can purchase the game or download the demo for free – obviously!