Battlefield 4 has evolved. But if the visuals and immersion levels have substantially advanced, the general gameplay mechanisms and the class system have remained somewhat the same. As usually happens in first-person shooting games, there aren’t many available classes, since the whole point of the game is to aim, shoot and kill. In the fourth game of the Battlefield series, players can pick one of the four available classes: Assault, Engineer, Recon or Support. If you’re wondering which is the most suitable for you, then read below.

battlefield-4-assault-class-render1. Assault Class:

The assault class is the most versatile and generalist class and it’s one of the most offensive classes in game. If you’re looking forward to be in the middle of every fight and experience endless action, then this is probably the class you should choose. The assault role can use many different weapons like wide range assault rifles, shotguns and grenade launchers. But that’s not all, this class has a supportive side, in which players can heal and revive fallen allies during combat. This means that assault players can become nearly anything they want without going too deep into each specialization and quickly adjust to each and every battle.



Pros: Offensive; flexible; supportive; good for engaging.

Cons: Generalist; lacks specialization; bad for defensive positions.


battlefield-4-engineer-class-render2. Engineer Class:

The demolitions of Battlefield 4 are the engineers. This class is extremely strong against any kind of vehicle, they can vaporize tanks, jets and helicopters with just one shot, though they’re not so good at fighting human opponents. Engineers mainly use carbines and rocket launchers, however they can also use other tools such as anti-tank mines and repair kits to repair their own vehicles. If you enjoy making things explode and you prefer to deal with the big machines, then you definitely should be an engineer.

Pros: Specialized; anti-vehicle; high damage.

Cons: Bad for close combat; not so good at fighting human opponents.


battlefield-4-recon-class-render3. Recon Class:

The recons are the snipers of the game; they’re extremely defensive but quite deadly. If you enjoy tracking your pray, follow their footsteps and then take them down, this should be the perfect role for you. Recons are specialized in shooting from long distances and they’re able to use marksman rifles, shotguns and sub-machine guns. To easily spot vulnerable targets, either human or machine, they can summon specialized automatic sensors like the MAV. Additionally, they can use explosives and radio beacons to facilitate the squad’s spawning.

Pros: Defensive; high damage; tactical positioning.

Cons: Requires patience; bad for close combat.


battlefield-4-support-class-render4. Support Class:

The support role can easily adapt and it’s extremely versatile. Supporters can be great defenders by protecting certain objectives from being occupied by the enemy or become aggressive invaders by providing cover, ammunition and dispersed fire. The support role can use basically every type of weapons: machine guns, mortars, infantry rifles, explosives and many others. If you don’t mind helping your squad and you enjoy supporting your team by doing what’s required at specific moments, then this is certainly the best class for you.

Pros: Versatile; high damage; cover fire.

Cons: Bad for long distance fights; lacks tools to destroy vehicles.