BioWare has recently announced that basically any old character could return to Dragon Age Inquisition, as long as it makes sense in the upcoming narrative. This means that many surprises are yet to come since anyone and especially all the previous companions could return. How? Well, the answer is simple, as I discussed in my previous article about Dragon Age 3 (DA3), the whole story is still being created, which means that the future of every character is not decided yet, thus everyone could get a meaningful purpose in Inquisition. However, there are certainly some characters with stronger probabilities to return compared to others, some due to their past, others due to their beliefs and orientations.

To do this prevision, I’ll use a small quota based on the character’s appearance in the previous games (APG), romance options (RO) and relevant background story that could easily fit in the upcoming plot (RBS). The explanation for the first two variables is basically because characters that are seen more than once have a higher chance to be seen again and all the companions that have been seen twice had romance options enabled. The third variable is related to what cinematic director, Jonathan Perry stated about having a meaningful presence in Inquisition. I’ll be adding an eventual variable in special cases.

Note: 0 is bad, 1 is decent and 2 is good.


Let’s find out about who are the most probable companions to be seen again in the upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition.


Alistair1. Alistair (DA1, Templar):

Alistair has become the king of Ferelden (in most cases) and as so, he is an imperative icon in the modern history of Thedas. When it comes to global matters that afflict the land, Alistair has to be summoned; he is one of the major political characters of Dragon Age, which makes me convinced that he’ll return. He did return in DA2, the standard story presented him as the king of Ferelden and I believe the same will happen in DA3.

Probability to Return: 2/2 (APG) + 2/2 (RO) + 2/2 (RBS) = 100% Alistair Will Return



download2. Anders (DA2, Healer):

Anders had a very significant role in DA2 and he was seen before in DA Awakening, however there’s a high chance that his journey finishes at the end of DA2. But, I believe that he could have survived, after all he’s a specialized healer and he has a spirit inside himself. He is the great responsible for the start of this war and it would make perfect sense to see him return and support his fellow mages.

Probability to Return: 2/2 (APG) + 2/2 (RO) + 2/2 (RBS) – 2/2 (Death Possibility) = 75% Anders Will Most Likely Return

download (1)3. Aveline (DA2, Templar):

Aveline has been a close friend of Hawk since the beginning of the fifth blight, however her background story is quite irrelevant regarding the templar-mage war, in fact she is a fair and reasonable woman and she will protect people no matter they’re class or orientation, as long as reason is with them. I don’t think Aveline will return to Inquistion.

Probability to Return: 1/2 (APG) + 0/2 (RO) + 0/2 (RBS) = 16% Aveline Won’t Return



download (2)4. Bethany (DA2, Mage):

Bethany is Hawk’s sister and she dies at the start of DA2 if players choose to be a mage, however she has a strong background story, she’s another mage on the run. She was able to escape The Circle, but at a high price – running from templars has become part of her daily routine. I doubt Bethany will return to the third game.

Probability to Return: 1/2 (APG) + 0/2 (RO) + 2/2 (RBS) – 2/2 (Death Possibility) = 12% Bethany Won’t Return

draft_lens17590294module147926868photo_1300563420Carver5. Carver (DA2, Warrior):

The same can be said about Carver, he’s Hawk’s brother and if players choose to be a warrior or rogue, Carver dies. He hates mages and he has troubles dealing with Hawk, simply because he is one. I don’t think we’ll be seeing this character again.

Probability to Return: 1/2 (APG) + 0/2 (RO) + 2/2 (RBS) – 2/2 (Death Possibility) = 12%Carver Won’t Return



Dog_image6. Dog (DA1, Warrior):

Dog was an animal companion and fighter in Dragon Age Origins. It was saved by the Warden during the blight and he kept the animal. It would be funny to see this brave canine once again but I don’t think it has any relevance in the upcoming plot.

Probability to Return: 1/2 (APG) + 0/2 (RO) + 0/2 (RBS) = 16% Dog Won’t Return

download (3)

7. Fenris (DA2, Warrior):

Fenris has a profound hate for every single mage out there, after all mages have ruined his life and destroyed his family. He has every motive to destroy those gifted with magic and he is willing to fight for the templar’s cause no matter what. However, Fenris has shown compassion for mages able to control their powers, which sadly are a rare species.

Probability to Return: 1/2 (APG) + 2/2 (RO) + 2/2 (RBS) = 83%Fenris Will Most Likely Return



8. Isabela (DA2, Assassin):

Isabela is a seductive pirate and she has a long history in the Dragon Age series already. She had a great role in DA2, since she messed with the Qunari people and stole their sacred book. Her personal story isn’t that significant towards the new war but she will surely start trouble somewhere, I believe she will return.

Probability to Return: 2/2 (APG) + 2/2 (RO) + 1/2 (RBS) = 83% Isabela Will Most Likely Return

9. Leliana (DA1, Bard):

Leliana is a bard with a lot of faith in the lord. At the end of DA2, it was revealed that Cassandra and Leliana were looking for the great heroes of Thedas, in order to put an end to the mage-templar war. Cassandra will surely return, it has been announced by Bioware. Leliana may return, even though nothing has been announced so far, things are quite bright for her.

Probability to Return: 1/2 (APG) + 2/2 (RO) + 2/2 (RBS) = 83% Leliana Will Most Likely Return



10. Morrigan (DA1, Shapeshifter):

Morrigan is the devil and the saint, the fire and the water… this female mage has everything with her and even though there was no sign of her during DA2, it’s confirmed that she’ll be back in Inquisition and possibly with a great role.

Probability to Return: 1/2 (APG) + 2/2 (RO) + 2/2 (RBS) + 1 (Announced) = 100%Morrigan Will Return

Merrill_Portrait11. Merrill (DA2, Mage):

This cute mage had a terrible experience with demons and blood magic but Hawk managed to save her in time. Merrill may be stubborn and naïve but she will always fight for her own. I’m not sure if BioWare will bring her back but her chances are quite positive.

Probability to Return: 2/2 (APG) + 2/2 (RO) + 1/2 (RBS) = 83% Merrill Will Most Likely Return



download (4)12. Oghren (DA1, Warrior):

Oghren was part of DA1 and its expansion; he was always a fearless dwarf able to use his double weapon without any hesitation. His background isn’t that significant and I doubt that Inquisition will bring him back.

Probability to Return: 2/2 (APG) + 0/2 (RO) + 0/2 (RBS) = 33% Oghren Probably Won’t Return

Sten13. Sten (DA1, Warrior):

This strange Qunari showed himself a loyal servant during the fifth blight but he barely revealed anything about himself during his service time. Somehow he manages to step up and lead his people after the fall of their previous leader.

Probability to Return: 1/2 (APG) + 0/2 (RO) + 0/2 (RBS) + 2 (Sten becomes the Qunari Arishok after DA2 events) = 50% Sten May Return



270px-Варрик14. Varric, (DA2, Marksman):

Varric was one of the main stars of DA2. He was the one narrating the whole Hawk’s journey, his/her ascendance and his/her disappearance. If before there were any doubt about his returning, with BioWare’s demo, then there’s none. Varric won’t just return, he’ll be a possible companion as well.

Probability to Return: 1/2 (APG) + 0/2 (RO) + 1/2 (RBS) + 4 (Announced) = 100% Varric Will Return

download (5)15. Wynne (DA1, Healer):

Wynne was a kind healer back on Origins, she accompanied the Warden during his/her mission, however she presented decaying signs, meaning she knew very well her death was close. Her end was inevitable… She died during the Dragon Age novel Asunder.

Probability to Return: 1/2 (APG) + 0/2 (RO) + 1/2 (RBS) – 2 (Deceased) = 0% Wynne Won’t Return



ZevranBetter16. Zevran (DA1, Assassin):

The shameless assassin, Zevran, he’ll probably return, especially because he came back in DA2 and he even had a special quest where he flirted with Hawk! That’s a great sign right? Who knows if there won’t be another chance for a threesome with Zevran.

Probability to Return: 2/2 (APG) + 2/2 (RO) + 1/2 (RBS) – 1 (Death Possibility) = 83% Zevran Will Most Likely Return