We are heading into a new month and we all know what that means, new games to look forward to on Playstation Plus. You will be able to download either Battlefield 3 or Payday: The Heist if you are a subscriber in Europe. Both of these titles will be downloadable on July 3rd.

Battlefield 3 is known for it’s intense and hectic multiplayer, which places players in large battles across 9 maps. It came out back in 2011 and was looked at as a major competitor to the Call of Duty titles. The single player did not receive a lot of praise, but this is surely another game that you can’t pass up if you have a subscription.

Payday: The Heist was a game release only on PC and PS3 as a downloadable game back in 2011 as well. It is a cooperative game that places you in the shoes of 1 of 4 criminals that run around robbing banks, freeing convicts, etc. It is a unique game with fun gameplay mechanics and great graphics. It looks like a sequel is set to come out in August of this year, which is probably why this game is getting the Playstation Plus Treatment.

Also on July 3, PS Vita owners can download a free copy of Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and Unit 13.

Enjoy and be sure to check back here for information on upcoming Playstation Plus downloads.


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