Ronimo have released the full version of Awesomenauts to the delight of all those who have played the game from its beta stages but unfortunately, as it happens with every game release, gamers complained about Awesomenauts crashes and other game problems, like the game not launching. I am here to share with you some tips and tricks on what to do to try to fix these.

So let’s start checking out how to fix Awesomenauts crashes and game not launching problems! We’ll start with tips on how to fix the Awesomenauts not launching problem since it appears that it’s the most common – but these are also fixes for the game crashes, so try them anyway!

1. The files might have been broken by Steam while downloading – it usually happens so we should check the integrity of the game cache. To do so, right click the game in the Steam menu, choose Properties, go to the Local files tab and click Verify integrity of Steam cache.

2. If you have it: try turning off Nvidia Surround (Nvidia’s multimonitor system).

3. Try switching between running Windowed and Full Screen, and try a couple of different resolutions.

4. Try running on Low graphics quality. Some older videocards (especially Intel cards) can only run the game on Low. Even if you have a newer card, just try this to see whether it makes a difference.

5. Update your drivers. Incomplete drivers are the most important cause of problems with Awesomenauts. Windows Vista/7/8 might tell you the drivers are up to date, but Windows automatically downloads an incomplete version of your drivers. To get the complete drivers, download them yourself from the website of your card’s manufacturer.

If these solutions didn’t fix your problems and the game keeps crashing or won’t start, try to contact the developers of the game and let them know about your problem

UPDATE: Apparently, a game crash during gameplay on character select menu can be fixed if instead of selecting the character manually, you go for the auto select feature.

And this is how to fix Awesomenauts not launching problem and crashes. If you have further questions or tips on how to get rid of all the problems, share your thoughts in the comment section below.