This morning I received a great video from one of Unigamesity’s YouTube friends and I must admit I was really impressed with what I saw: a guy bringing Guitar Hero to real life on his bike! A true piece of art and, after watching the video twice and being amazed by its coolness, there was just one thing left unanswered: how long did the preparation take?

The Guitar Hero biker, madflux, “plays” The Living End’s Prisoner of Society on a “hard” difficulty level and, I must admit, he does a great job given the circumstances. And make sure you look at the entire video! It’s got every little thing that you probably enjoy in Guitar Hero, but it’s all real. Two thumbs up for madflux and his mates for making such a great video and reminding us all why we should keep loving these video games we’re playing!

“Can’t tell you how many times it took to make this work, but it was a lot,” wrote madflux and we tend to believe him. But it was worth all the trouble! Here;s the cool Guitar Hero on a bike video: