I am a huge fan of the Gothic series and I can’t wait to receive my Gothic 4 copy and start losing nights until I finish the game… some of us have been luckier however and they already have their copy of the Arcania Gothic 4 game – and also decided to post a walkthrough for the game to help us get going. I am really glad for that since it made me realize just how cool the game is.

So if you’re interested in a complete Gothic 4 walkthrough, start by checking out the videos below:

ArcaniA : Gothic 4 – [Part 1] Walkthrough

ArcaniA : Gothic 4 – [Part 2] Walkthrough

ArcaniA : Gothic 4 – [Part 3] Walkthrough

ArcaniA : Gothic 4 – [Part 4] Walkthrough

ArcaniA : Gothic 4 – [Part 5] Walkthrough

Find out the rest of the Gothic 4 walkthrough over at SanCo654‘s profile on YouTube.


  1. I’m at part 4 (Lyryca) and she states that she’s supposed to give me the magic scrolls so I can use the lightening to kill those creatures in her cave but when I go to my inventory screen there arent any scrolls to choose so what do I do? I’m playing the game on a 360 and I’ve searched online for walkthroughs and none of them provide any answers so I was hoping you could…I know that my screen looks different than the videos that I’ve been looking at so I’m lost….can you help?

  2. look for the scrolls tab, it should be bellow the 6 inventory options: ex: weapons, armor,…. underneath is something called scrolls. GL.

  3. The scrolls seems to be hindering a lot of folks. Bring up your inventory screen. Just above the large square that displays your various goods, there is the word ‘SCROLLS’. Click the word and your scrolls inventory will be displayed (If you have any). At that point you should bring one of the scrolls down to the quick launch bar and deposit the scroll into an ’empty’ box (1-9). Whenever you wish to use the scroll, just push the corresponding number on your keyboard that the quick launch number of the scroll is. ( If the scroll is in box 7… then press 7 on your keyboard ahd left click the mouse (PC) as in fighting. Hope this helps!


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