The Amazon Appstore for Android has been updated, according to Android Police. The update rolls out support for an additional 188 territories, including Australia, Brazil, India, Mexico and South Africa (who get to enjoy the American store) and Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, and Belgium, who can now shop on the EU store.

The update now means that customers in 195 different countries can now download from Amazon’s store. In contrast, Google Play itself is only available in 134, and Apple’s appstore in 155.

Personally, this is great news for me, as I was not able to purchase anything beforehand (being in the aforementioned South Africa). And by “purchase”, I mean of course, download the free app of the day. Now I am free to check in daily and see what is being given away.

As it happens, they are giving away a very highly rated game by the name of 10000000 (“ten million”). I’ve played it a bit before on a friend’s phone and it is your standard match-3 game with an RPG twist in that your actions affect your guy on top of the screen. Need to unlock a chest? Match three keys. Kill a monster? Match swords or magic staves. This game is definitely worth your while to download, especially since it won’t cost you a cent. And now, most of the world can also enjoy this.

Simply visit from your Android device to download the app store, and from there you won’t be able to miss the huge link to the free app of the day. Enjoy!