aop-2People might have dreams of becoming pirates and planting seeds of terror on the seas and oceans, but in today’s technological era that is pretty difficult. However, there is still hope for the swashbuckling pirate wannabes: Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships, the latest computer game from Playlogic.

Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships, the sequel to the popular Age of Pirates, promises to reinvent itself with a larger playing field and tons of brand new , piratesque content. From the game’s new combat system and trading options to its numerous quests and character classes, players will have countless hours of entertainment at their fingertips. In addition, the game’s free-roaming options expand the already massive storyline to include endless play through uncharted waters, new islands and undiscovered cities.

Players courageous enough to delve into the dangerous world of Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships will discover treasure and adventure as they choose to go it alone and become the most feared pirate on the seven seas, or prove their loyalty and take the coin of one of four different navies; French, English, Spanish or Dutch. As players navigate their own route through the seas of the Caribbean they can explore strange new countries and undiscovered civilizations, plunder merchant ships and even raid fortified ports and cities – interacting with most characters and buildings along the way.

Players will experience tons of ship-to-ship combat and toe-to-toe clashes, as they cross paths with real-life historical characters such as Jamaican governors Colonel Thomas Lynch and Thomas Modyford. Almost everything in the game can be adjusted according to players’ wishes, making customization and resource management a key element to gameplay.

If it all sounds nice to you, hurry to the nearest store and purchase the game!


  1. Earlier I have played Sid Meier’s “Pirates! Gold!”, “pirates” and Akella/Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Only part of this last AOP2
    hitherto. It is an elaborate thrilling game, although I found some of the graphics more realistic looking in POTC, for instance the sea. (But maybe Carribbean sea looks that way?). The ships are much more detailed, for instance the guns.

    Personally I don’t appreciate all that exceed of blood in game – awquard and not realistic. The beginning of game training player uses a “deck platform” not looking like and not moves like a ship – this could scare players away from the very beginning. And not good training against instructur with blood spalshing.

    The ships are not always correctly moving, especially near land where they for some reason sometimes appear not moving at all. Maybe shallow water, but not appear touching bottom.

    I also wondered why sometimes expensive ships sold by shipwright
    for maybe 50 000 only payed maybe 1000 when sold to shipwright.
    If it was error in program or simply indication shipwright wanted no ship, I never concluded. At that instances, the same at every shipwright i tried selling my ship.

  2. It may be added, that the too fargoing “realism” in long reloading time had been more acceptable if that realism also had yelded ship
    movements. Instead the movements are sometimes unfairly favourazing enemy ships: If you come sailing, wind from behind,
    against a ship directed toward you it may still not let you reach it.
    It may keep a safe distance whatever you do. And then suddenly may
    run away as if it had started an outboard motor – even if bad sail condition. So SOMETIMES it seems as if the program had decided in advance that you must not succeed, at least not without unfair
    difficulties. Is realism no longer important when it is to your advantafe?

    Also I think enemy/ pirate ships are sometimes disturbing too frequently and “lock” you already at too a far distance – maybe corresponding to hundreds of miles on the “world map”. Unrealistic.


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