alkirian-3-walkthroughHaving trouble beating Alkirian 3 – The Water Stone? If so, I have prepared a walkthrough for you, a step by step guide to help you win the game and solve the adventure. So go on and read the detailed Alkirian 3 walkthrough if you got stuck and continue your great Alkirian 3 – The Water Stone adventure using this guide that reveals the locations for all the water stones!

1. From the boat, pick up flashlight and wrench.
2. Get inside and pick up the first water stone above the chandelier.
3. Pick up the rug in the middle of the room and click on the toolset to the upper left to get a screwdrier.
4. Click on the table a few times to get the second water stone. Then click on the tile on the ground where it reads “XI”.
5. Go to the next room and get the broom near the door. Use the broom with the dust to the left and get batteries. In the inventory screen, click on batteries and use them with flashlight. Use flashlight in the pantry, above the debris and pick up water stone number three.
6. Click on the piece of wood beneath the sink to pick it up.
7. On a shelf above the sink, there on the wall a button with “I” written on. Click on the thing near it to move it and press the button with “II”. Then press the button “III” to the left of the sink.
8. Use the wrench with the pipe below the sink and get the water stone number four.
9. Go back to the previous room. Use broom with the ceiling in the upper right corner and get water stone number five.
10. Move table again and use screwdriver with the air vent. Get stone number 6 from there.
11. Use the broom with the debris that fell from the ceiling and get key. Use key with the passage in the middle of the room and click on the opening for stone number 7.
12. Go back and pick up water stone number 8 from above the door.
13. Go left and you’re done!

This was the Alkirian 3 – The Water Stone walkthrough, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment section below.