Alien Ship Escape 2 is the sequel to the highly popular Alien Ship Escape room escape game and a title that you will certainly enjoy playing. Just like any other escape the room game, Alien Ship Escape 2 is quite difficult and therefore a walkthough would be really welcome. Therefore I have decided to share with you a bunch of hints to help you play and finish the game while also allowing you to have the satisfaction of completing it alone.

Complete Alien Ship Escape 2 Walkthrough

The code for the 3 levers on the pipes;
Not really sure if there was a hint (maybe the guns, or maybe the 4 circles below the hexagonal machine; the first 3 the position and the bottom one the coin you get?) Anyway that code was Right-Left-Left.

The code for the 4 buttons below the big dial;
The hint is the lamps (second and fourth are on).

The code for the robot colors;
The hint is the colours of the (alien) plants in every screen (start with green, go right throug the rooms).

The code for the red machine;
The hint is above the exit (so the first is blue, go from left to right).

The 3-digit dial code;
The hint is the stars in the windows (go left through the rooms, start with 2 for the outside).

The code for the cyan hexagonal machine;
The hint is the DACB (so the first digit is 4), but only works when you put the CD in after that.

Just to find without doing anything with codes;
– a gear
– a laser
With the codes you get;
– a gear
– a cd
– a coin
– 3 numbers (one of them you don’t really get but you can see it)
– With using the laser you get a lever and with using the lever and the 2 gears you get half a number.
– With using the coin you get half a number.

Use all 4 numbers to get the keycard that will get you out.

Cheers to small tool on escapegames24 for the “hintthrough”!