Asylum Puzzle Escape is an escape the room game created by Gamershood who are known for creating relatively simple escape the room games that still have the bad habit of getting you stuck somewhere along the way. Therefore, a walkthrough is more than welcomed and that’s exactly what I am going to share with you: an Asylum Puzzle Escape walkthrough to help you complete the game in no time and get the most out of it!

Full Asylum Puzzle Escape guide:

first scene:
click on wooden basket, get red key
click sign get numbers: 43362816/9472
note yellow key in clock behind glass

go right:
click on brown bucket to zoom in
move door, take blue key
Note word Forbidden (hahaha spelled correctly)

right again: note door for exit

go right twice:

note globe with grey spot
move circle clock with four dashes for color code
click back right corner move books, green key

go left once

Solve red key (I zoom in 300%)
solve green key (spoiler below)
solve yellow key (spoiler below)

Go right once

Globe (use knife, get orange key)

right once

Bottom middle piller (use saw, pink key)

Right once more:

clock (use glass cutter, yellow key)

left 3 times:

solve yellow key (spoiler below)
solve orange key (spoiler below)
solve Pink Key (spoiler Below)

go left once, click door and out!

Soduku spoiler

Color spoiler
b y g r

Yellow Key:

Orange key:

Pink Key:
155 * 5 = 775
775 – 317 = 458

Cheers to jakevickie217 on eg247 for the walkthrough!