Age of Wushu is one of the best action PvP MMORPGs ever made, the game system supports battle in many ways. In fact this title has been made for war. The whole concept of Wushu implies war on itself, enemy schools, enemy guilds, enemy factions… In this oriental title players are able to be constantly fighting other players through many different events and activities. In order to become stronger and acquire better gear players need to do some instances and PvE from time to time, however there’s a clear possibility to be in battle most of the time. Becoming a battle master without getting bored even once is one of the trademarks of Age of Wushu. What can players do to experience extreme action at a diverse level? There are infinite ways to challenge other players individually or in groups, the only problem is to decide what to do first. The PvP modes can de divides in three main groups: Jianghu PvP; School PvP; Guild PvP. For individually challenges like duels, the best option is to participate in Jianghu deeds.


Jianghu PvP Activities:

1. Random Killing

In Age of Wushu it’s possible to attack anyone basically anywhere, only the recovering spots are protected and you can’t attack there. If you’re looking forward to be one of the top devils of your server, killing people everywhere should be on your top list in order to farm evil points. By starting surprise attacks, players can easily acquire advantage in combat which can bring a lot of enthusiastic moments.

2. Dueling/Arena

Dueling and opening arenas in this title doesn’t just allow players to measure strengths as it also gives experience, real experience that can boost normal skills and inner skills. Besides that, players gain combat understanding as well; training against other schools is an excellent way to learn how to counter that same school.

3. Battlegrounds

The battlegrounds is a new battle mode in Wushu, it works as automatic battleground arenas, where people enter in teams of 6v6 or 12v12. There are currently two modes, the normal mode, where the main goal is to reach a certain bumer of kills and the free for all death mode.

4. Kidnapping/Rescue

While attempting to kidnap or rescue a victim, players can engage the evil agent and ensure an enduring battle. This is a good mode to fight in big towns, as players gain no infamy for killing each other. Criminals have the right to defend themselves, so if the heroes decide to attack first, no one will gain infamy if death pays a visit.

5. Bounty Hunting

Being a spy in this game always involves killing, hunting a wanted criminal needs a lot of work, after the preliminary phase of tracking the target, chasing is imminent as the next step is taking him down for good. This exciting challenge can become a true man hunting and very rewarding as well.

6. Prison Break

A curious PvP event in Wushu is the prison break, it’s not always possible but it can happen. Breaking from chains requires help, lots of help from close friends. If they agree to help the prisoner in trouble they’ll first need to fight NPCs and then a group of constables, fighting will be inevitable. Defending the prisoner is crucial, if he/she dies the mission fails.


School PvP Activities:

1. School Wars

At Fridays and Sundays there’s a server event regarding schools, where players can choose which school they wish to attack or defend. Epic group battles are engaged during one full hour, there’s some PvE in the middle too, killing tons of NPCs and a few bosses, capturing flags. Gaining honor is done through doing all of those.

2. School Script Stealing/Defending

This event is active several days per week and it can be stimulating on its own. Players need to steal a script from opposite schools, to do so they must pass through enemies, grab a script and run away. Defenders must ensure that thieves are not getting out of their base with scripts – another moment of pure action.

3. School Spy/Patrol

Spying is a risk that must be taken, being at other schools with hostile intentions may not be the best thing to do, if the residents expose the spy, brutal fights will be triggered. This system works the same way as kidnapping/rescue; spies can kill patrollers and vice-versa without gaining any infamy.

4. School Tournament

Every school has its internal leaders and elite members. Every week those internal ranks become contested and its attribution is decided through a free for all tournament, those who manage to survive will then fight for the remarkable positions.


Guild PvP Activities

1. Guild Wars

Declaring war is not as hard as it sounds, guilds can fight each other very often and they can conquer/lose territories depending on their performance on war. Additionally, guilds can request allies to bring their troops and help out. This system can proportionate massive battles.

2. Guild Surprise Attack

Attack an enemy guild base is possible on Age of Wushu, including burning their burnings and killing their members without gaining infamy. It’s a perfect way to unofficial attack an enemy guild; interesting fights can result from this activity, as an alert will probably be shout.

3. Escort/Raid Guild Caravans

In order to gain guild income, guild represents must run caravans, transporting goods from towns to guild camps, however other guilds, specially the enemy ones will most likely attack and claim the goods for themselves. Group battles and small duels are very probable to happen during those two activities.