If you’re having trouble finishing the escape the room game 666 Escape, don’t worry, I have the solution for you: the 666 Escape walkthrough, a full, step by step guide that will tell you what to do in order to finish this really challenging game. Read on and have fun beating game!

Full 666 Escape walkthrough:

1. Click on the shelves with folded clothes and click on the bottom left on the lower set of clothes to get the pile
2. Go back twice and click the spot between the pillows and click again on the black area between the pillows. It’s a puzzle in which you will have to create thew All Seeing Eye symbol from the US dollar bill – let the top center piece untouched, the bottom one empty (black) and click on the others until they fit. Note the roman numbers (MDCCLXXVI)
3. Go back twice and click the drawer to the right. Here are four hidden squares where you have to enter the translated number (1776). In the top left corner, click the hidden square once. The next hidden square is one line lower and to the right, the next is below and somewhat to the cneter-right and the last one – bottom left. After typing the code correctly, you will be allowed to click on the square in the bottom right corner and get the key.
4. Go back and click the side of the bed near the nightstand to the left. Use the key with the bottom drawer (drag and drop it to the upper right black keyhole) and get the bomb.
5. Go back twice and click below the end of the bed to get yellow string. Drag it over the bomb.
6. Click the wall over the pillows and get the flint. Drag the pile over it.
7. Go back twiceand place the bomb near the door. Drag and drop the flint over it and escape!