ShowmeShowmethegame’s today announced that there’s five days left until its Summer Sale ends.

The sale features thirty two indie titles, some well known, others not so much. Some games, such as Revenge of the Titans, and Space Pirates and Zombies have been featured in more high profile sales such as the Humble Bundle, while others such as Defcon and Darwinia saw release over five years ago.

What brings these games together is a desire on the part of the developers to run the sale their way. Unlike most other forms of distribution, Showmethegame has set out to remove the middleman from sales, with the team behind the game being fully rewarded for each purchase instead of third parties taking a cut.

As part of this, Showmethegame acts as more of an aggregate than an actual shop, refusing to lump the games together into a single bundle. Instead, the sale lists links to the individual sites of each of the thirty two games in the sale, with codes attached that will allow buyers to get the titles at a discount.

The Summer Sale will end May 18. Those interested should head over to the official games list and pick and choose the titles that pique their interest.