Civilization 5 Patch Released

A first patch has been already released for Civilization 5 and, even though it brings in no major changes to the gameplay, it does fix some Civilization 5 problems and crashes, plus various other issues the game has. Apparently, the Civilization 5 patch goes only for the Steam version of the game. Below is the complete changelist:

– Modding – Installer and permissions fixes. Should address any remaining mod download and install issues.
– Full screen crash fix. Game will now restart in Windowed mode if it cannot find a suitable full-screen resolution on first start.
– Hall of Fame now records data correctly when using a Windows username with special characters.
– Fix for Puppet State production exploit.
– Misc crash fixes.

Hopefully a next update will have a bit more changes to the core gamplay and fix the remaining issues. Still, it’s nice to see that the developers are working to deliver us the best possible Civilization 5 experience!


  1. Okay, now where do you GET the patch?

  2. read the article again…
    currently the patch is only available via steam. You get it by running steam and it auto updates your Civ V install with the latest patch.

  3. how about saving a multplayer game?

    • even with running steam my civ 5 crashes constantly. i though it was a disk error but it hapeens in different plases. havent been able to even start a game yet.

  4. EXTREMELY frustrating, haven’t been able to start a game yet. . . .opens the directx9 window and crashes.

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