ChefVille Outback Lovin Missions Guide

It’s time to see who does Madeline prefer as her valentine in ChefVille and we’ll do so by completing a new set of missions, as always. And also as always I will be here to share with you the details about these missions, so let’s check out below the guide to the ChefVille Outback Lovin’ missions!

Burnin’ Love
- Place and Complete the Outback Stove
- Click on the Country Love Pendant
- Have 7 Country Love Pendants
Rewards: 2 Beef, Unsalted Butter and 10 XP

Group Date
- Have 15 Country Love Pendants
- Serve 1 Sausage Roll
- Give Chef’s Service 5 Times
Rewards: Beef, Beef Broth and 10 XP

Hearts Afire
- Have 21 Country Love Pendants
- Give 10 Hearts to Madeline
- Collect 5 Wildflowers
Rewards: 2 Beef, Salt and 10 XP

It seems that this is a really beefy situation! Either way, I am sure you will have fun completing these missions, so good luck making it happen in ChefVille!

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