We have some bad news for those of you who were having more than one Nursery Barn in FarmVille: Zynga decided to take action and remove all excess Nursery Barns from the game, leaving all farms with a single nursery barn (if any). This applies both for players that had two nursery barns, which was “legal” as well as more than two, which was obtained via a glitch (and broke the terms of use).

Why is Zynga removing excess Nursery Barns from your farms? Apparently they are causing a lot of problem to the game itself and other players and it was the only thing to do. However, for those that have two Nursery Barns, there is some sort of good news involved:

– all the animals in the second nursery barn will be placed in your gift box
– you will receive 100 FREE Farm Cash as compensation for this little problem. I’m sure that everybody will take this!

What do you think about this? Do you feel it was fair for Zynga to remove the excess Nursery Barns?