After getting ten RSVPs and completing Invite Friends to the Jackalope Society goal, Part 3 of the Jackalope Society missions is Learning the Secret Handshake. Every club has a secret handshake and you must learn it first to be part of the group.

For this goal the required tasks are:

  • Collect ten Secret Handshakes
  • Buy Jackalope Lodge in the Market

You can ask for Secret Handshakes from your Frontierville neighbors through personal gift requests. Click on the green Ask Friends button and you can select which friends you want to make a request. Be sure to pick the active ones from the list. That way you’ll be sure to get a Secret Handshake from them.

Another way to receive Secret Handshakes is to accept Secret Handshake requests. When you give one to your neighbor, you’ll get one in return.

Take note that you should just buy a Jackalope Lodge in the Market but don’t finish it just yet. Wait until you have Part 4 of the Jackalope Society Missions before you complete the lodge.