Early this morning Zynga released an apparently limited edition lotto-like website called zLotto where those who play FarmVille, Mafia Wars, PetVille, YoVille and FrontierVille can have a chance of winning some special, limited edition items for their favorite game.

Here are the prizes that you can win for FarmVille:

– red goat
– red sheep
– red cow
– red horse

Here are the prizes you can win for Mafia Wars:

– Bolo Knife (65 Attack, 27 Defense)
– Protective Shirt (27 Attack, 64 Defense)
– Yeti Snow Cruiser (63 Attack, 26 Defense)
– Jackal (25 Attack, 65 Defense)

Here are the prizes you can win for PetVille:

– Turquoise, Purple, Pink and Maureen Unicorns

Here are the prizes you can win for YoVille:

– YoHunting Trophy
– Animated Moose
– Animated bonfire
– Mini Camper

Prizes for FrontierVille are coming soon!

How to play the Zynga Lotto? It’s pretty simple – first visit this page and give Zynga your e-mail address if you trust them. If you do, log in afterwards and you will already have a free ticket you can play. The rules are simple: you click one of the 9 areas and hope to find the star symbol, which means that you’ve won a prize. If you strike lucky, a pop-up message will appear showing you what you can win:

Have in mind that you can only choose ONE prize at a time, so make sure you pick the one for the game you love the most!

How to get more Zynga Lotto tickets? You get one bonus play per day, but you can also send e-mails to your friends to give you extra chances (and they win one too!)

Have you tried playing this new game from Zynga?