zynga-petvilleFacebook fans might have noticed that Zynga, the leading social games developer, has just launched a brand new game for their fans, PetVille. The release follows last month’s release of FishVille and adds a brand new game for the millions of fans to play. Even though “brand new” might be a bit too much to say…

I am saying this because PetVille is actually very similar to Happy Pets or Pet Society – two games that will certainly become less successful than Zynga’s recently launched game, especially because of the huge user base the company has on the backs of FarmVille and Mafia Wars.

The game itself seems to be very cute and well done, even though it appears to have absolutely no new elements compared to the previously mentions titles: you get to create a zany pet for yourself and take care of it by brushing it, purchasing clothes for it, food and doing all sorts of social activities.

But, as I said, Zynga already has an army of fans ready to test out their new products and, even though not original, PetVille will certainly win a few of the gamers’ hearts out since it is so cute and well done. I won’t be one of the game’s fans, but this doesn’t mean that it’s a poor game – I already have enough on my head. How about you? Are you willing to give PetVille a try and let us all know what you think about it?