Yes, as I kept saying today, the Christmas spirit has really arrived to FarmVille and if not all the updates were enough, certainly the news regarding the release of tons of Christmas decorations will convince you. Read on to find out about all the new decorations you can buy in FarmVille, details about them and, in the end, images will all of the new decorations.

So… what are the Christmas Decorations introduced today in Farmville and available for purchase until the 1st of January 2010? Here’s the list of decorations you can purchase for regular coins:

Candy fence (800 coins, 8 XP)
Green Nutcracker (1,500 coins, 15XP)
Red, Blue or Green Ornaments (1,200 coins and 12XP each)
Candy Arch (2,000 coins, 20XP)
Red Nutcracker (1,500 coins, 15XP)
White Nutcracker (1,500 coins, 15XP)
Holly Arch (2,400 coins, 24XP)
Gift Mountain (5,000 coins, 50 XP)

However, the most beautiful and impressive decorations can be purchased for FV cash. These decorations are:

Snow Globe (28FV, 1250XP)
Holiday Sleigh (18FV, 500XP)
Gumdrop Tree (20FV, 2,500XP)
Candy Gate (7FV, 125XP)
Santa Gnome (18FV, 500XP)
Mrs Claus Gnome (18FV, 500XP)
Santa Scarecrow (15FV, 400XP)
Gingerbread Arch (5FV, 100 XP)

So we have 10 Christmas Decorations we can add to our Farmville farm using regular coins, and eight we can add for cash. Sounds like a fair deal, even though the ones you can get for cash seem to be just a bit more interesting, don’t you think?

Now take a look at all the new decorations:



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