christmas-buildingsTwo new special and limited edition buildings have been made available in Farmville: the Gingerbread Home and Santa’s Workshop, two new items that help us all celebrate Christmas and the joy of gifting. The buildings will only be available for 29 days and apparently they have no other than make your farm look amazing.

However, the thing that makes these new FarmVille Christmas buildings so special is that both of them can only be purchased for FarmVille cash or sent as gifts (also for cash).

The Gingerbread Home costs 32 FV cash to purchase and can be sold for 7,500 coins and 1,500 experience.

Santa’s Workshop costs 38 FV cash to purchase and can be sold for 10,000 coins and 2,000 experience. But I’m sure nobody would sell these goodies now that Christmas is coming!

Still, if you don’t want to spend real money on these new buildings and you have no friends willing to give you such an expensive gift, stay tuned with Unigamesity to find out the new Christmas decorations (you can purchase for regular coins), or check out the news about the Christmas Tree and the Christmas Presents you can receive from your friends!