farmville-christmas-tree-announcementChristmas has arrived to the virtual worlds of FarmVille and there are tons of new Christmas-related content items added to the game. Amongst them, the most obvious is the Christmas Tree – the special present you will receive for free from Zynga as soon as you log in to FarmVille (as you can see the invite/notice in the image to the left). But the Christmas tree is not a regular item, it can be used to store some goodies!

So… how does the FarmVille Christmas tree work?

First, you will have to take the tree from the gift box and place it anywhere on your farm. You will notice that it looks like a very small tree. Don’t worry, though, it will get bigger and a lot nicer is you have more neighbors to send you gifts!

Because, yes, you can store up to 60 gifts under your Christmas Tree and it will grow a level every 20 Christmas Presents you receive (so there are 4 total stages to see your tree go through!)

In order to put a present under your FarmVille Christmas Tree, you only have to accept the present on your wall, then go to your gift box and select “Use”. The present will be automatically placed under the tree.

Please note that you can’t open any present until 24th of December (and you have time to open them until the end of the first week of January), but you can decorate your farm with all the new Christmas-related items. Oh, only if there was snow too in the game!

UPDATE: If you somehow lost your Christmas Tree, DO NOT WORRY, Zynga has confirmed to one of our readers (Mrs. Lee) that they are working on a fix and soon there will be a solution for this problem. You can read Zynga’s full response in the message number 47! Thanks a lot to all of you who have been here with me, trying to find the solution for the missing tree and help every gamer enjoy their Holidays!