christmas-presents-farmvilleThe reindeer and the gnome&soldiers where just the teasers of the ton of Christmas-related content coming to FarmVille, and that content has arrived now! For starters, we are able to send our friends a bunch of Christmas Presents as free gifts.

We have the following presents available to be sent: Blue Present, Pink Present, Green Present, Red Present, Brown Present.

At the moment, nobody has any idea what the presents contain, but here is how to use the Christmas Presents:

You have to receive them as gifts from your neighbors (so if you don’t have enough, it would be wise to add some more) and place them under the Christmas Tree you receive for free as a gift from FarmVille. Under the tree you can only place 60 presents at most, but that is quite a lot, I can say. Also, the Christmas Presents can’t be opened until December 24, so be patient and feel like a little kid, so curious to find what’s inside.

Update: I have also found out that the more presents you get, the bigger the Christmas tree grows! It goest 1 level up from 20 presents, which is a real joy!

I have to admit that I am really impressed with what Zynga did – they managed to deal with Christmas in FarmVille flawlessly. Cheers to them and let’s all have fun!