zombie-driver00I’m sure you still remember Zombie Driver, a pretty cool driving and zombie smashing game coming from EXOR Studios and Akella. Now I have word that the game will be released on December 4 this year, just in time for your holiday zombie splashing fix. Yay!

EXOR Studios announced that Zombie Driver, best described as an action driving game, will be available at digital distribution and retail this holiday season via Steam, GamersGate, while Akella handles physical copies.

Zombie Driver is an alternative for all other zombie themed games with a unique, oldschool, car driving gameplay style. It will be a good “snack” for zombie action fans this holiday. EXOR Studios takes into account regional differences and the game will be priced accordingly: 9.95 dollars, 8.95 euro and 7.95 pounds in digital distribution. And to make the celebration complete, the developers have added some fresh new screenshots to make you put the game on your most wanted list.

And since there’s nothing better you can do until Zombie Driver releases in a couple of weeks, why not check out these screens and repeat: “Braaaains…. braaaains…”