youtopiaIt’s pretty hard to keep up with the game releases on Facebook and it’s also really hard for the newcomers to battle the grands: but they still try and maybe one month from now the 10 most played Facebook games list will look completely different. Maybe Youtopia, a new title from Hive7, will be the top of the list.

And it could be since it’s such a great and addictive game that takes us from the cutesy worlds of owning virtual farms, restaurants and even aquariums and puts us in charge of an entire city. Yes, you’ve read that right – in Youtopia you are given an entire city on your hands, with just a few buildings there, but with tons of expansion possibilities – all of them battling to make you rich! Sounds great, right?

It is, since you can create your own fashion empire if you so wish, or maybe a new film industry, you can sell electronics or cars or you could mix all these together and create a city exactly as you see fit – an utopic city, maybe?

Add to the buildings you can purchase all sorts of decorations and roads, add to that the possibility to team up with your friends and expand even further, the option to go in search for a job when money is low (and being able to do it for as long as you want) and tons of things to build on, and you’ll have a very solid and promising Facebook game.

If you’d like to try it out, follow this link and start building your own virtual city. And don’t forget to share your impressions on Youtopia right here, using the comment section below. Have fun!