send-farmvilleYou have probably noticed that for a short while now if you visit the marketplace, there is a new “Send” option available under some of the items you can purchase for Farmville cash. This means that you can really send these goodies to your best friends and them earning them for free.

There is a question left, one that I saw many FarmVille players are asking: if you click the new Send option, will the FarmVille cash be deducted from your account? The short answer is yes – you will be the one spending money, so make sure your friend really deserves the gift.

If you are wondering which purchasable items can now be sent to friends, here is a list:

– baby turkey
– Orange Tabby
– Ferris Wheel
– Gazebo
– Treehouse
– Manor
– Pink tool shed
– Free Fall ride
– Deluxe Carousel
– Super Spin Ride
– Farm Float
– Balloon Stand
– Large Pond
– Garden Gnome
– Scarecrow

Also, make sure that your friend knows that you’ve sent the gift, as they have to accept it by clicking on the news feed on their wall. And no, nobody else can grab the gift you sent!