xbox one impressionsXbox One’s August system update has been released for everyone.

The update, previously available a few days ago to those in the Xbox Dashboard beta programme, includes a number of features that were very high on the request list, according to Major Nelson.

First of all, players can now purchase and download games and other content remotely via Xbox SmartGlass or a computer. By setting your Xbox to automatically receive updates, it will begin the download straight away.

Also included is an update to the activity feed which introduces new ways to interact with your friends list. The interface itself has been modified so it is a single column list, instead of the two previous, and has been made longer so more content is displayed. Game clips can now also be shared to the feed, or sent to friends through private message.

Posts made on the activity feed can now be ‘liked’, commented on, or shared to other people. Notifications will be given to you when your posts get any of these.

Other smaller but notable changes include a notification pop-up when the battery on your controller is getting low, an option to turn off notifications whilst you are watching videos, giving specific times when your friends were last online (e.g. 50m ago on Titanfall) as well as introducing 3D Blu Ray support.

Major Nelson also posted a video walking you through the new changes that have been made:

What are your thoughts on this month’s update? What would you like to see introduced or changed next month?