So there was a little thing that happened yesterday, I don’t know if you may have heard of it? Something about Microsoft and the future of their gaming console? Oh yes, that’s it. They announced a new console, the XBox One, along with many other announcements. The salient details are below, in point form, because you are too busy to slog through paragraphs of text to get to what you want to know.

  • 8-core CPU (x86-64 architecture)
  • 8 GB RAM (DDR3) (3 GB reserved for OS and apps)
  • 500GB hard drive (non-user-replaceable)
  • Supports external USB storage (full feature, no differentiation between external and internal drives)
  • Blu-Ray disc drive
  • HDMI in and out
  • Wifi B/G/N
  • NOT backwards compatible at all with 360 games (disc or download)
  • Ships with improved Kinect camera
  • Improved Kinect (1080p resolution, improved tracking etc.)
  • Kinect always-on, always listening, even when console is off (able to start Xbox from this state)
  • Able to pause and resume instantly from activities
  • Always recording game footage for ease of sharing
  • Mandatory installs of games to HDD, discs not required to run thereafter
  • Game installs registered to gamer tag
  • Fees payable to be able to play games not associated with gamer tag (eg. borrowed disc or second-hand sale)
  • Support for 4K, no hardware restrictions for 4K gaming
  • Single channel for gaming (no separate “indies” “arcade” etc.)
  • “Advanced” matchmaking by skill, language, and reputation.
  • New controller, claiming over 40 innovations. Looks similar to old controllers.
  • 360 accessories not compatible with Xbox One
  • Gamer tag (achievements etc.) will transfer
  • Achievements can be altered in response to player behaviour
  • Huge TV integration. Watch the video at the end if you don’t believe me

Did I miss anything? Let me know what you need to know and I will track down some answers for you. And of course, check back soon for my personal feelings on the big reveal.

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