wbm2009Basketball lovers who happen to be fans of the management genre should be really happy to find out that Icehole Games have finished developing the 2009 edition of World Basketball Manager, but they are still searching for worldwide publishers (since they only have a deal signed for Greece and Cyprus).

Just like the better known football management titles, World Basketball Manager 2009, deals not only with the sport aspect of the game, but also the managerial, financial, administrative and training situations. It has a huge database of over 10.000 players worldwide, 89 national and international tournaments and 853 teams. The numbers are really great, and you can understand why this is the only biggest basketball management title!

The only drawback might be the fact that there is no visual match engine as far as I know (hope I am not mistaking), and in today’s gaming world where everybody loves to see the real action, it’s quite a drawback. But if we have in mind that Icehole Games doesn’t yet have the support of a big publisher – therefore they don’t have the buckets of dollars – it’s understandable. And still, even with this problems, World Basketball Manager 2009 remains the only game to play by basketball management fans. So check it out here.