The world of gamers can pretend Ocarina of Time was the best Legend of Zelda game all they want but we all know that is a sick, pathetic lie pieced together by hipsters and girls trying to appeal to nerdy boyfriends (also, the illumnati). Honestly? Aside from the Super Nintendo Classic (A Link to the Past), I can live just fine with one Zelda game. Nintendo, apparently, has heard the passion booming from my soul and has recreated the beautiful masterpiece only known as, The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker.

A Gamecube classic, LoZ:Windwaker was nothing short of a magnum opus. It had visuals that stand the test of time (looking better than half the garbage released this past-gen), tight controls, a pirate half princess– and uh, the ability to turn into a seagull. Name one game that has that. I dare you.

Now if you are in tune with the gaming world, you knew this title was getting a high definition remake this year on the Wii U. If you are even more in tune, you knew that it was also getting a Wii U bundle. But did you know what it looked like?

Just today, an image was leaked of the game’s cover art, along with the Windwaker Wii U. Now, don’t be too excited, it’s not as spiffy as the Golden Wiimote, but it does have a sweet decal controller!

The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker is set to release on October this year. For more information on our little green hero, check back here on Unigamesity.