Nowadays, games are more vulnerable to viruses than ever before because unfortunately, as technology advances, so have hackers. Less than ten years ago, video games were only really exclusively played on consoles, though now, one of the main gaming devices is the desktop or laptop meaning there are huge risks.

Anyone who has a working and relatively powerful PC can start going, so long as you hold the right software to switch from office tool to games console-esque in seconds, though there are far considerations you need to be make before you delve into the gaming world. Sure, one minute you might be creating an invoice on Microsoft Excel and the next minute, you’ll be playing World of Warcraft, though you should be vigilant in being too hasty to game.

This is because almost every video game available on the modern market is reliant on an internet connecting meaning for the entirety, or the majority of the time spent gaming, you will be connected to the internet at all times. With thus, you have no real knowledge of what files are traveling up and down your link to the web. New computer viruses crop up every day and it is rumored that almost 1 million new malware threats are released each and every day.

Viruses can affect your device in a variety of ways, it may be to harm your computer and damage various programs it may be to delete files or even to reformat the hard drive. Other viruses can replicate themselves or flood your network with an overload of traffic meaning it is impossible to use the internet and therefore, impossible to game.

Do not be ignorant to such threats, install an anti-virus software program to notify you if any potentially harmful files are trying to seek their way into your device, or if any are downloaded. However, admittedly, many programs will deliver a series of notifications that will appear frequently and may disrupt your gaming experience meaning you will end up disabling notifications taking us back to square one in terms of security.

To know the best anti-virus program for gaming, there are a host of websites out there that will deliver anti-virus reviews so you can be sure you’re getting the full protection and least frustration. From experience it’s definitely worth checking a Norton Anti Virus expert review before making a decision as it has a great reputation within the gaming community.

To combat the problem of notifications but ensure that you’re still protected, many anti-virus programs have coined a Gamer Mode. This works as a silencer for notifications where the program will still transmit a warning regarding potentially harmful files but will do so once a game has ended.

Before you go ahead and select an anti-virus program, it’s understand you understand the full risks of PC gaming and look into the level of protection each program offers. Whether you’re a hard-core gamer, or casual, you still need full protection. Anti-virus is still a serious matter and you need to ensure your privacy and security remain intact when you’re online and as gaming requires a pretty much constant link to the web for extended spells, you need protection.