warrior-epic-expansionTrue Games’ MMORPG, Warrior Epic, is about to grow even bigger with the first ever expansion that seems to have no name right now. But it’s OK, after all, since it’s the content that matters and not the expansion’s name, right?

Content-wise, Warrior Epic will receive, sometime in July when the expansion will be released, all new PvP gameplay (for characters level 10 or higher), plus a new region, Trogken Swamps for mid to high level players. There, you will find bags of brand new missions, monsters and, of course, gear!

“Our promise to the Warrior Epic community is that the game will never get stale or repetitive,” said Peter Cesario, Director of Product and Business Development at True Games. “We want Warrior Epic fans to find something new and exciting about the game every time they login, and this new expansion is just one of many great gameplay updates they can look forward to as the community continues to grow.”

We would’ve loved a bit more extra details about this upcoming Warrior Epic expansion, but since it’s True Games’ first one, they probably are nervous enough already, so all we can do is wait and see it in action.