People who have pre-ordered their own copy of Warhammer Online will get the chance to start playing the game earlier than anybody else – this is the “Head Start” program brought by developers Mythic Entertainment to the North American market. Even better is the fact that this program is basically ‘round the corner since it will kick of on the 14th of September – for the ultimate fans who pre-ordered the limited Collector’s Edition and the 16th of September for those who pre-ordered the regular edition.

This means that real fans will be gifted with an up to four days head start, since the servers officially go live on September 18 and we all know that this is pure gold in MMOs. So, whether players choose to join the fight as an incendiary Bright Wizard or a shadowy Witch Elf, the characters they create during this program will carry over their skills, abilities, weapons and career rank into the game when the servers officially go live.

Based on Games Workshop’s epic tabletop fantasy war game, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is only available on PC and it was rated T by the ESRB. And, from the trailers and screenshots released until now, we do know that this will be a great online title.