With Grand Theft Auto IV for PC just released, it appears that all the other game developers prefer to keep quiet today – there are barely any new trailers released today and our Video Watch feature almost had nothing to present. However, two nice titles decided to appear out of nowhere and offered to entertain you for a couple of minutes – CORE and The Hunter. Enjoy!

We’ll begin with CORE (or, if you prefer the official spelling C.O.R.E.), a Nintendo DS exclusive first person shooter that looks great for a DS title even if in PC standards it doesn’t even match the recently released flash version of DOOM . Anyway, it’s worth noting that the plot-line in CORE revolves around a meteor crash and its consequences – generally monsters. Ugly monsters. The video below presents the core features of… uhm… CORE and generally proves that FPS games on the Nintendo DS can exist and feel as natural as PC first person shooters do. You want a bonus, also? The developers promise that the levels are not linear and we’ll have more ways of completing the in-game scenarios!

The second video presents about 30 seconds of gameplay footage from upcoming hunting simulation game from Avalanche, The Hunter – a game that looks great, for starters. The game will bring a welcomed innovation to the genre by introducing the social element: gamers will also be able to interact with other players, take part in tournaments, make friends and so on. A game that definitely is worth keeping an eye on (and not press the trigger afterwards!)