As always, hackers and game pirates moved lightning fast and the just-released Grand Theft Auto IV for PC can already be downloaded from torrent websites. Rockstar can still stay cool for now, since the GTA IV copies leaked on Torrents are DVD clones – which means that the game is unplayable. However, if a crack is released for the game, it becomes playable and the developers will start losing money and probably most of the faith they had in the PC market.

Considered one of the most anticipated PC games of the year, Grand Theft Auto has a SecuROM protection, as we told you in our previous coverage about the GTA IV DRM and this will probably make life a bit harder for hackers. However, it is a well known fact that no protection method has managed to stop pirates from cracking any game before and we’re most likely to see history repeating.

Be warned, though! Trying to download the pirated DVD copies of Grand Theft Auto is not only illegal but could also harm your computer data permanently: fake cracks, activation hacks and copies on the game have started to surface the internet, too but are just viruses or other types of malware. So it would be better to play it safe and legal and go purchase GTA IV instead of going after the pirated version!