Finally, some justice is being made: computers are the stronger team from all the gaming platforms, yet the most ignored one, especially because of piracy-related problems. However, Ubisoft had the balls to go out and make some justice announcing that the PC version of the upcoming Far Cry 3 will be better than the console versions. Which is really nice to hear in a world where PC games are usually crappy and insulting console ports.

“The PC does have a lot more grunt under the hood – or it can have grunt – so there’s a lot more that we can push there,” said lead game designer Jamie Keen. “That doesn’t mean to say, ‘Let’s only push PC and leave the consoles behind.’ We will keep pushing to get as much out of the consoles as we possibly can.”

“That’s why we’re making no bones about this being on PC, and everything that goes along with that,” said Keen. “There are going to be areas where the consoles aren’t going to be able to push things as much as the PC can.”

I’m really pleased to hear that coming from a developer – maybe it will open the eyes of more console players to move back to the PC gaming which is by all means superior and also, most important, the eyes of other developers who should stop developing exclusively for consoles.


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